The Fourth Week

This week I wanted to talk about how to deal with designers in general. Different tips, truths, and need to know’s about designers. I found many lists and sayings different images, and infographics. Many of them repeat each other but I will give you my favorites.

  1. They like packaging, that’s why they drink the content (same goes for food).

This is so true when I see a really cool package I almost always buy it just for that fact. Even if the contents are terrible or I dislike them. This is one of my favorite things to watch for at the store. And it keeps me entertained when I found interesting design ideas.

  1. Hate the fact that the client is always right.

This drives me insane, clients can and will rip apart designs, but they are always right, you will have to design something that they want not what looks good.

  1. You think they are listening, but the chances are good that they are studying the pattern on your clothes.

I honestly do this frequently, when a long conversation starts or even a short one if there is a pattern logo, type, really anything design related on your shirt I would analyze and think about how they created it, or how bad the kerning is.

  1. Ask everybody’s opinion and still do their own thing.

If a designer is working for themselves or even a client they will ask opinions to see their work at a different angle, but it usually doesn’t affect their ideas unless it’s major, otherwise we do our own thing.

  1. Use any font, except Comic Sans.

Comic sans was popular at one point but because of this it has ruined the font and designers. It does not work well with anything, the kerning is terrible and it’s hard to read.

  1. They love commenting on the menu design when going to a restaurant.

This one of my most irritating quality for going out is this; I critique the style font, layout, pictures, writing, kerning, and so on. My family now tunes me out!

  1. Their cooking often ends up in an artistic explosion.

I didn’t realize this was one of the qualities of a designer… this is any was I cook I usually have to clean up for the same amount of time.

  1. They are very weird people.

I think this point says enough.

  1. They steal street signs.

I don’t know about this the signs ae very cool, but I highly doubt we would steal signs, if we would I believe we would have designed it.

  1. They want to save the world only with a poster.

If one poster could save the word that would be amazing, I believe we can change the world through this.

  1. They rather pay for a font than for a special birthday gift.

Fonts cost a lot of money and if it’s for a job or you’re on a timeline I believe that yes I would spend my money on the font instead, and then maybe create something for the birthday gifts.

  1. They are always sleepy because they work 24/7.

So true, I will constantly say I’m tired because I pulled all-nighters, stress, even when I get only 3 hours to sleep.

  1. They inflict upon you a painful awareness of kerning.

This is so funny I do this all the time to unsuspecting people, and some of my friends do it on purpose to give me a headache.

  1. Buying gifts for them is stressful. Nothing is cool enough.

This is true things I want are too expensive or weird/cool.

  1. Nothing can be normal

Ok I know I’m not normal but nothing? Not quite sure about this one but I can see most things not be normal.

  1. They are always right

I try to be always right I have been proven wrong at times… not that I like to admit it. But it happens.

  1. They don’t keep office hours

Well were so pose to but we take home our work and then work all the time. We think about our work all the time to keep brainstorming.

  1. Two is always better than one

We always have backups for different electronics and if something breaks.

  1. They freaking love fonts

Fonts are amazing; I could look up fonts and take hours and hours to decide which one to use.

  1. Coffee is huge

This is huge because of the lack of sleep and the constant working, we drink coffee constantly, it’s our life, and how we are able to keep working on no sleep.

This is a link to different infographics about designers:

A Student Designers Thoughts.



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